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Hendy Approved

At Hendy, we like to think our name counts for something. So when we sell a used commercial vehicle, we want to make sure it's worthy of the Hendy name. The Hendy Approved Used scheme is our way to do just that. Hendy Approved Used is a system of comprehensive checks, generous exchange policies and lots of helpful extras designed to make buying a used vehicle simple, reassuring and trouble-free.

These are just a few of the benefits of buying with Hendy Approved. Stop by one of our Hendy Ford Transit Centres to find out about our full 8-point list of great features.

  • 90 Item Multi-Point Check

    Hendy Approved Used 90 Point Check

    90 Item Multi-Point Check

    Every Hendy Approved Used vehicle is subjected to a stringent 90 item multi-point check. This check covers a service validation, engine, transmission, chassis and electrical checks and a general condition check, after which any mechanical faults that are found are repaired using genuine Hendy Approved parts. Once completed, these items are tested, assured and certificated by a qualified Hendy Technician before you drive away. A copy of the completed report is available to view for every vehicle. Sometimes it will be necessary to service the vehicle to keep up the service history records. In this instance the service will be completed as well as the multi-point check, giving you additional assurance that your vehicle has been thoroughly checked and is ready for you.

  • 14 Day Exchange Policy

    Hendy Approved Used 14 Day Exchange Policy

    14 Day Exchange Policy

    When you buy a Hendy Approved Used vehicle it is possible to exchange the vehicle under the 14 day/500 mile exchange promise for another used vehicle in stock. The vehicle you exchange for must be at the same or a greater price. This is all subject to the following conditions:

    You return the Approved Used vehicle to the Hendy sales department from which it was bought within 14 days, or 500 miles (whichever comes first) from the date of its delivery to you or collection from Hendy Group. We must be satisfied that:

    • You have good reason to be dissatisfied with the quality or reliability of the Approved Used vehicle.
    • The condition and specification of the Used vehicle is exactly the same as when you took delivery - with the exception of the mileage, which may increase by a maximum of 500 miles (within the 14 days).
    • You purchased the used vehicle for your own private use and it was not bought for any other purpose than social, domestic or pleasure use (excluding racing or rallying) and that the vehicle was not bought with the intention of resale.

    You must have given the Hendy Group a reasonable opportunity to rectify any defects or faults on the used vehicle and only when these have not been rectified/corrected to a reasonable standard will you exchange the vehicle.

    Since the delivery of the vehicle to you, the used vehicle has not covered more than 500 miles, has been modified to an extent that it no longer meets the specification at the time of delivery to you, has been used for hire or reward, racing, trials, competitive events, rallies, or been involved in ANY kind of accident.

    If you do wish to exchange your used vehicle for another used vehicle of the same or higher price then prior to any exchange taking place you must pay the difference between the price of the two vehicles. It is also important to understand that it is your responsibility to discharge, transfer or otherwise deal with any finance that you used to acquire the Used vehicle and where necessary to finance any amount of monies that you must make in order that the exchange takes place.

    All additional license and insurance costs arising as a result of any exchange are to be paid for by the customer.

    Only one exchange is authorised, and therefore you must not have previously exchanged a used vehicle under the 14 day/500 mile exchange promise previously. Speak to your Sales Executive for more details.

  • Minimum 12 month warranty

    Hendy Approved Used Up to 1 Years' Warranty Available

    Minimum 12 month warranty

    Many of the vehicles supplied under the Hendy Approved Banner will have the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty available to you as the new owner. Should the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty be less than 12 months, Hendy Approved will automatically top the warranty back up to 12 months or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the day you drive the vehicle away. Should you choose a vehicle that has no manufacturer's warranty remaining, Hendy Approved will automatically give you 12 months or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the day you drive your new vehicle away.

    Find out more about the Hendy Approved Warranty here

  • 7 Day Drive Away Insurance

    7 Day Drive-Away Insurance

    7 Day Drive Away Insurance

    Hendy Approved gives you the opportunity to take delivery of your purchase as soon as possible, by offering you a quick and easy way to get insurance cover. The Hendy Approved 7 Day Drive-Away cover can be arranged in the dealership at the time of sale with one simple phone call, saving you time prior to delivery. Cover can be immediate, so if the circumstances are right you could even drive your vehicle away the same day! As with all insurance policies, there are some terms and conditions and unfortunately some drivers may be excluded from this option because of age, driving record or vehicle type. Please ask your sales executive for full details.

  • Free Annual Winter Check

    Hendy Approved Used Free Annual Winter Check

    Free Annual Winter Check

    Hendy Approved gives you the opportunity to present your vehicle to a Hendy Service Department once a year to have those important winter items checked. The free winter check will cover such items as wiper blades, anti-freeze and coolant levels, air conditioning efficiency, tyres, battery condition and all fluid levels. Any rectification work deemed necessary will be fully explained to you by a member of our Service Advisor Team, along with a fixed price to complete the work.

  • Provenance Checks

    Hendy Approved Used Provenance Checks

    Provenance Checks

    Every Hendy Approved Used vehicle is subject to a number of provenance checks to give you additional assurance that you are buying the right vehicle from the right vehicle dealer. Hendy Approved Used vehicles have been certified by Experian to be clear of major insurance claims for accident damage, and to be free of any owed finance - meaning you can buy without worry. Certain vehicles will also have a Vehicle Mileage Check carried out with previous owners, to ensure that there are no mileage irregularities. Further assurance from Hendy that what you are buying is exactly what we say it is.

  • Roadside Assistance

    Hendy Roadside Assistance

    Roadside Assistance

    Hendy Approved Roadside Assistance provides 24 hour assistance for motoring emergencies. It is unlikely that your Hendy Approved Used vehicle will break down, but you can be confident that our Roadside Assistance will look after you and your vehicle should the unthinkable happen. Simply call the helpline number for anything from a flat tyre on the motorway to a flat battery on your driveway. For full details, please speak to your sales executive.

  • Guaranteed Buy Back Plan

    Hendy Approved Used Guaranteed Buy Back Plan

    Guaranteed Buy Back Plan

    A unique feature of Hendy Approved is the Guaranteed Buy-Back Plan. Unlike any other Approved Used vehicle programme, the Hendy Group offer to buy your vehicle back at any time during your ownership of the vehicle. So should your circumstances change for any reason and you need to sell your vehicle, your first call should always be to the Hendy Group. We will always be prepared to give you an up-to-date, free market valuation. We'll never say "no".